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Water Desalination

We have deep concern on water shortage issue. We understand that most of our available water supply is in the ocean. Conventional water treatment commonly sourcing from the fresh ground water which is only about 2% from total water on earth. GLS devotes to sustain the clean water  reserved by supplying proven desalination package system.

Water Purification

Having safe and clean drinking water is essential. Integrating Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and advanced Pre-Treatment Process enable  GLS to deliver high quality drinking water from  otherwise harmful chemicals or organisms. Our exceptional performance dedicated in shaping healthier community for a wide industrial sector.

Wastewater Treatment

Disposing industrial wastewater with minimum contaminants to the environment promotes the company image as well as the sustainable livelihoods. GLS offers a wide range of innovated wastewater treatment that following the process efficiency and protective to the environment such as DAF, Membrane Technology, and Biological Treatment Process.

Resources Recovery

The paradigm shift from wastewater plants to resource plants promotes new resources from the wastewater rather than the wastewater treatment process itself. This new paradigm becomes a key to accomplish the circular resource flow. GLS implements the recovery for Phosphate, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Salt.



PIK 2 – New City in North Jakarta

GLS as leading company in Total Water Solutions is honoured to be part of PIK 2 – New City in North Jakarta, in their continuous development and environmental-friendly sustainable approach. PIK 2 the new masterpiece of Agung Sedayu and Salim Group, two of the most prominent developers in Indonesia.

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer

GLS has awarded DAF project by PIK to build exactly the same DAF as the one constructed by GLS 2 years back. This DAF will serve PIK 1 Elang Laut Real Estate complex. It can be seen that GLS technology and project executions are competitive and superior. GLS is honoured to construct and install identical…

Middle Eastern Hospitality in the Heart of Bali

GLS are awarded BOO contract in Jumeirah Villas Bali. This exquisite 140 villas is build in the cliff of Southern Bali, overlooking the Bay of Jimbaran. Consists of only Villas, each villas is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to maximize your staying pleasure. In this beautiful resort, GLS is constructing, and soon will