Design & Build

Project Management

The project management team leads the communication between client and internal department within GLS (Engineering, Operation, Finance, Installation, and Commissioning) to ensure that every step is in accordance to the client’s requirements. We have solid experience in executing project with heavy emphasis on timeline, budget, and quality. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

We create durable products. Our manufacturing’s strength lies in the high skilled technician supported by latest technology.  As one of the water specialized companies having an in-house manufacturing facility, GLS is able to quickly ensure and control the quality of our products.

Process Engineering & Design

We excel to integrate various technology for tailor-made water and wastewater treatment plant. The designed plant accommodates the optimum space available, the minimum chemical and energy consumption, the advancement of the physical-chemical and biological process, as well as the most favorable electrical and mechanical elements.

Installation & Commissioning

The installation and commissioning team works together with engineering and process design team to comply with the client’s requirements. GLS focuses on technical expertise and customer minded approach to deliver favorable results with respect to the quality of our end products.