Media Filter

GLS Media Filter can be used directly to replace Sand Filter. With double performance from any other media filter, using activated surface to absorb fine particles including specific priority substances, heavy metals, and resists biological fouling.

Self Cleaning Filters

From Single Filters to complete Multi-Stage Automatic Filtration Systems. Our wide range Self Cleaning Filters are available to meet water and waste water treatment requirements. Available in many configurations including In-Line, On-Line and On-Line with automatic Built-In By-Pass.

Cartridge Filters

Our high performance cartridges are constructed from high-tech, high-precision automatic controlled machines, resulting in finer retention rate, higher dirt holding capacity and lower pressure drop.

Media Trap

The Media Trap function is to protect your plumbing from particles of Filter Media that might escaped from back washing and filtration activity. Even though the case of escaped media rarely happen, once it does it can damage the whole system. Therefore this protection is highly recommended.