Media Filter

You can use media filter instead of using sand filter. Compared to any other media filter, it performs more than twice as well. It has an activated surface that can capture fine particles, such as heavy metals and specific priority substances. Moreover, it prevents biological fouling.

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Media Filter Replacing Sand Filter

Sand filter serve various industries before AFM but it impose a significant loss both on capital expenditure and environment as a whole. While AFM doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure. It also resists biofouling, biocoagulation and transient wormhole channeling of unfiltered water and never needs to be recharged or replaced.

With plenty of unique benefits, AFM stands as the biggest breakthrough in filter media technology to date.

Unique Benefits of AFM
Media Filter filling at KDM MMF 150 m3/hour

Key Features and Specification

Body: Laminated polyester reinforced with fiberglass
Connections: Polyester casted threads / flanges (according to model))
Diameter: 1440 – 2800mm
Design Pressure: 2.5 / 4 / 5 / 6 kg/cm2
Design Temperature: 40° C
Test Pressure: 3.7 / 5 / 6 / 7.5 / 9 kg/cm2
Size Manhole: (According to model)
Nozzle plate: laminated polyester reinforced with fiberglass

Application Examples

  • Pre-treatment prior to membranes
    Maintenance of cartridge filters and fouling of membranes for RO is  a major cost
  • Removal of arsenic, ferric, and manganese
    Media filter will remove metal contaminants from the water, and is particularly effective for arsenic and ferric
  • Cooling tower side-stream filtration
    Essential for cooling tower recycled water
  • Tertiary treatment of effluent
    Media filter replacing sand in tertiary treatment filters without further modifications
media filter application example

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