Activated Filter Media (AFM) Authorized Distributor in Indonesia

Image of Activated Filter Media S and ACtivated Filter Media NG

Activated Filter Media Brief History

Activated Filter Media (AFM) was developed by Dr. Howard Dryden, a marine biologist and one of the brightest mind in water treatment. With combination of biology, chemistry, and technology enabled him to develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the water treatment industry.

Brown and Green Processesd Glass

How Its Made

AFM is made from specific glass type processed to a unique 3-step activation that modified both of the structure and chemistry of the glass. This is the process of Activated Filter Media to become self-sterilizing and acquire superior filtration properties.

AFM Replacing Sand Filter

Sand filter serve various industries before AFM but it impose a significant loss both on capital expenditure and environment as a whole. While AFM doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure. It also resists biofouling, biocoagulation and transient wormhole channeling of unfiltered water and never needs to be recharged or replaced.

With plenty of unique benefits, AFM stands as the biggest breakthrough in filter media technology to date.

Unique Benefits of AFM

Types of AFM


Hydrophobic, neutrally charged surface

Superior mechanical filtration performance , combined with efficient removal of hydrophobic contaminants such as hydrocarbons (oil & fats) organics and microplastics in both hard and soft water.

Best filtration performance & organics removal


High negative surface charge.

Robust and stable, high filtration performance media with a 20 year track record. Best suited for the removal of positively charged particles such as heavy metals (e.g. Iron, Manganese and Arsenic).

Best for heavy metals removal.

AFM’s Advance Adsorption Properties

AFM versus microplastic
  • Does not support bacterial growth, eliminates clumping, channeling and passage of unfiltered water.
  • Reduces backwash water up to 50% providing a quick ROI, usually within 2 years.
  • Improves and provides predictable, repeatable and consistent nominal filtration performance up to 98% and a life cycle >10 years
activated filter media surface
  • High surface area with superior mechanical filtration properties for adsorption of fine particles.
  • Precise, consistent particle size distribution, shape, sphericity and uniformity coefficient for outstanding hydraulic properties.
  • High activated surface area amplifies catalytic reaction, generating free radicals to avoid biofouling on media surface.


PT Gapura Liqua Solutions reflect our commitment to control the product quality by working closely with our strategic business partners, mostly leading components manufacturing firms in the field of water treatment, waste water treatment, desalination, and resources recovery. We are the authorized distributor of Activated Filter Media in Indonesia both for big and small Industries.

You will guarantee product originality, advisory for your water system, and taking care by our skilled engineer to meet your business goals. Contact us now!

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