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Reverse Osmosis Packages

The growing scarcity of fresh water, coupled with the competitive pricing of membrane technologies, has fueled the demand for water desalination. GLS offers two distinct desalination units tailored to raw water characteristics: Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO). These desalination packages cater to water supplies in diverse settings such as hotels, villas, industrial areas, and offshore facilities. With water recovery rates reaching up to 80%, PT GLS Reverse Osmosis Packages are widely adopted.

PT GLS’s comprehensive desalination package comprises four essential components:

  1. Pre-Treatment Subsystem: Ensures effective removal of impurities before the desalination process.
  2. Pressurization Subsystem: Maintains optimal pressure for efficient membrane operation.
  3. Electronic/Instrument Subsystem: Monitors and controls critical parameters during desalination.
  4. Optional Post-Treatment Subsystem: Enhances water quality further, if needed.

Each element within the desalination package is equipped with complete, customizable equipment, allowing optimization according to specific customer requirements.

Dissolved Air Flotation

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process efficiently eliminates suspended solids, fats, oils, color, algae, and greases from liquids. By utilizing air bubbles to separate particles, DAF diverges from the traditional sedimentation approach. Rather than settling contaminants to the vessel’s base, this technology lifts them to the water’s surface using air bubbles. Skimming off the contaminants becomes straightforward. Consequently, DAF minimizes chemical usage, enhances removal efficiency, accelerates separation, and reduces space requirements.

In solid-liquid separation, DAF introduces micron-sized gas bubbles into the liquid phase. As these microbubbles attach to solids, the combined solid-gas buoyant force propels the matrix upward, where it accumulates. A critical aspect of the system involves introducing air or other gases into the recirculated effluent and blending it with the influent flow. DAF finds primary applications in clarification, emphasizing subnatant quality, and thickening, focusing on solids concentration. Beyond these, DAF’s versatility extends to various industries, including water treatment, textiles, food and beverage, oil refineries, and municipal wastewater facilities.

Ultrafiltration Packages

Ultrafiltration (UF) represents a membrane process operating under low pressure. Its effectiveness lies in the removal of suspended solids and microorganisms, including pathogens, across diverse water treatment applications. Developed through engineering expertise and specialized membrane water treatment knowledge, GLS’s UF system embodies reliability and efficiency within compact designs. GLS offers ultrafiltration units ranging from large-sized modules to smaller counterparts, suitable for drinking water production, industrial water treatment, seawater desalination (RO pretreatment), and wastewater tertiary treatment.

Membrane Bio Reactor

Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) process combines biological wastewater treatment with membrane filtration. Following biological treatment, activated sludge is effectively separated from the treated water using ultrafiltration membranes. MBR represents cutting-edge technology for treating both municipal and industrial wastewater. Drawing upon over 25 years of experience in the membrane industry, our membranes deliver exceptionally high effluent quality by efficiently removing suspended solids and microorganisms, including Escherichia coli and Cryptosporidium, from the sludge liquid. Unlike conventional sedimentation processes, MBR offers superior space efficiency. It is well-suited for domestic wastewater recycling in settings such as hotels, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities

Skid Mounted Filtration Unit

Our compact filtration system features a filter, controller, pump, Besgo valves, and an air compressor. Designed to maximize space within tight geometrical layouts, this package is ideal for small and medium capacities. It streamlines installation and maintenance processes, accelerates product schedules, and supports risk reduction efforts. By centralizing responsibility, it minimizes man-hours spent on safety programs. Unlike on-site construction, our workforce doesn’t require constant training for new employees.

Industrial Media Filter

Our cutting-edge media filter solutions cater to industrial process water, food and beverage processing, and municipal wastewater. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Our filters outperform sand filters twofold, all without requiring additional infrastructure investment.
  2. Engineered Surface: With an activated surface, our filters adsorb fine particles, including specific priority substances, heavy metals, and metalloids like arsenic.
  3. Biological Resistance: Our filters resist fouling, prevent channeling, and significantly reduce product water oxidation demand.
  4. Efficient Backwash: Experience up to a 50% reduction in backwash water demand.
  5. Extended Lifespan: Our media’s life cycle surpasses sand’s by more than 4 times.
  6. Certifications: We hold certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & 18001, HACCP NSF50, European DWI Reg 31 & NSF61.

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