About Us

Gapura Liqua Solutions is driven by a strong company vision;

To be leader in the region for water and waste and water process company with innovative technology and sustainable solutions.

Company Mission;

To provide the best sustainable solution for water and waste water treatment process combining technical, commercial, technological and environment aspects of the business for our stakeholders.

Our Core Business;

Our core business is in technology consulting and supervision, project investment, turnkey project, as well as operation and maintenance service. Our key technologies include desalination, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, dissolved air flotation, biological treatment, and various resource recovery technologies. Our diversification has enabled us to conduct business on a global scale. 

Using a customized value-added system and services approach to business, we keep pace with the ever-changing level of customer needs. Joining forces with reputed international firms we have created an ongoing transfer of technology network and gained more resources to draw from.

A synergy of talented and highly adaptive people is the wisdom behind our success and represent the cornerstones of our philosophy. In order to remain in the forefront of contenders, we are proactive to new technology and methods. And rely on a customer-oriented approach to determining and servicing dynamic market demands.;

Our History;

Our company is initiated by the constant needs of fresh water in almost every region in Indonesia. We understand that in every water treatment site, customization is a must. From that particular point, we established PT GLS as an engineering and service company specializes in Water and Wastewater treatment that is environmental friendly and provide best value for our customers.

To be able to compete in higher grade water and wastewater treatment, we realized that accumulate experience and knowledge are mandatory. In the pursue of achieving that particular goal, we opened up for foreign partners to join our company. Today, PT GLS is a multinational company consists of two prominent Japanese Companies, an International Company based in Singapore and an Indonesian Company. PT GLS is delivering its goods and services comply to international standard with local price.

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