Self Cleaning Filter

Self cleaning filter removes suspended solids from water. It has two filtration stages: a coarse pre-filter and a fine stainless steel screen. The fine screen’s inner surface collects unwanted solids, forming a filter cake that traps even finer particles. This causes a pressure difference. When the pressure difference reaches a certain level, the control system supplied by the factory starts a rinse cycle.

A spot backwashing method removes the solids from the fine screen. It works like a vacuum cleaner and sucks the dirt off the screen. Then, the rinse valve sends the dirt to the drain. The dirt collector spins and cleans the whole screen every cycle. The system flow continues without interruption during this process, which only takes a few seconds.

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Self Cleaning Filter Features

Feature Standard Optional
Power None, linepressurepowered Electrical
Self Cleanning Operation Fully automatic Semi-Automatic, Manual
Material of Construction Carbon Steel & Satinless Steel Titanuim, Hastelloy & Others
Operationg Pressure 30 psi min., 150 psi max 12 psi min., 1000 psi max
Operating Temperature No min., 150? F max No min., 212? F max.
Screen Pattern Wire Mesh/PVC Support Wedgewire, Multi-layer sintered
Screen Aperture 50-3,000 mic. 5-10,000 mic.
Single Unit Flow Rate Up to 8,100 gpm Up to 15,000 gpm
Code ISO 9001 ASME”U”Stamp, Others
PH Resistance 4-9′ 1-12′
Compatible Fluid Water Sea Water, Oily, Highly corrosive fluids
Connections Flanged, threaded Victaulic, Other

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