Features :

Feature Standard Optional
Power None, linepressurepowered Electrical
Self Cleanning Operation Fully automatic Semi-Automatic, Manual
Material of Construction Carbon Steel & Satinless Steel Titanuim, Hastelloy & Others
Operationg Pressure 30 psi min., 150 psi max 12 psi min., 1000 psi max
Operating Temperature No min., 150? F max No min., 212? F max.
Screen Pattern Wire Mesh/PVC Support Wedgewire, Multi-layer sintered
Screen Aperture 50-3,000 mic. 5-10,000 mic.
Single Unit Flow Rate Up to 8,100 gpm Up to 15,000 gpm
Code ISO 9001 ASME"U"Stamp, Others
PH Resistance 4-9' 1-12'
Compatible Fluid Water Sea Water, Oily, Highly corrosive fluids
Connections Flanged, threaded Victaulic, Other

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