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High Selective Filter Media

The performance of SWRO system is largely determined by the quality of the pretreatment process. Improper pretreatment process can have an impact on decreasing performance caused by the fouling tendency on SWRO membrane surface. The following case is one of the cases of underperforming pretreatment that causes decreased  SWRO system lifetime.

From the documentation above, it can be seen that the media filter (silica sand) turned black because of the contaminants. The filtration media was not able to filter contaminants, so the contaminant reached the cartridge filters, it can be seen from the cartridge filters that turned black. In normal operation, the cartridge filter is replaced every 1-1.5 months. But due to the contaminants has reached cartridge filter, it must be replaced every 2-3 days. The cartridge filter also unable to filter these contaminants, and the ultimate result the black contaminants polluted the membrane. Therefore, it causes membranes blocked.

This issue really affected the operation of the SWRO system, causes low flow of product, high maintenance activity, and high consumable requirement. By replacing the existing media filter to HSFM, the filtration process is able to clear up the black contaminants.

Starting in the beginning of 2019, GLS introduced another breakthrough technology to replace conventional Sand Filter. In the long run sand filter create a habitat for bacteria to reside. Using activated glass, HSFM is more effectively eliminate biofouling, improves biosecurity, and stops channelling. The benefit of using HSFM are longer lifetime and less frequency of cleaning. The service life of HSFM is over 10 years.

GLS has applied this new technology to one of its sites that has most difficult impurity. After application, the water quality is greatly improved. Not only bring the production to a higher rate, but reduce operation cost significantly.

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High Selective Filter Media