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Kaizen Training

In implementing the Vision of GLS; “to be leader in the region for water and waste and water process company with innovative technology and sustainable solutionas well as our company mission; “to provide the best sustainable solution for water and waste water treatment process combining technical, commercial, technological and environment aspects of the business for our stakeholders”.

GLS is continuously improving the capability of our people to achieve our Vision and Mission. One of the ways GLS putting added value of its people is by providing Training for our people.

To achieve Targets, Expectations, and Goals, GLS recently held Kaizen & Cost Reduction Training by Mr. Takehiko Ochiai in our Head Office and Branch. From this training it is expected that GLS can do continuous improvement to make strong foundation by create levelled production, standardized work and visual management. With Just-In-Time System (takt time, continuous flow and pull system) and automation with human touch as pillars to support the process of eliminating MUDA (“waste”) and continuous kaizen. By doing this, GLS can continuously improve and achieve company’s goal.

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Kaizen Training