Luxurious Boutique Resort in the Heart of Golf Course

PT GLS received the honour to construct Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Package for The Kimpton. The Kimpton, a unique Golf Course Resort, is an all Villas property, categorized as Luxurious Boutique Resort operated by INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL GROUP (IHG). Located in the prestigious Nusa Dua area, inside the Bali National Golf Club, The Kimpton sits in the heart of Bali tourism area, yet being in the middle of a Golf Course, green and tranquil atmosphere is heavily dominant.

Private Salt water pool is available at all 50 villas in this property. To fulfil the needs of fresh water in the property, GLS constructed Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis with capacity of 160-meter cube per day. This system is robust, easy to maintain and operate, as well as low operating expense. The system is designed to fulfilled continuous hotel operation by means of limited stopping time for maintenance and or parts replacement.

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