Anti-scaling Agent

Natural water is in equilibrium with the environment. Any alteration to the equilibrium system set to trigger subsequent scale formation. Key factors affecting scale formation include:

  • Concentration of the solution
  • Ionic Strength (TDS)
  • pH variation
  • Temperature variation

Specific antiscalants were developed in order to effectively control scale formation under a wide range of RO operational conditions and to ensure compliance with local environmental legislation. The antiscalants will inhibit scale and disperse solid particles.

Product identifier

Product name : Anti Scaling Agent
Product description : Organic acid
Product type : Liquid



Substance/mixture : Mixture



To control scaling in reverse osmosis membrane surfaces.


Also available:

  • Calcium sulphate specific antiscalant
  • Silica specific antiscalant
  • Calcium phosphate specific antiscalant

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