Cavitation Mixer

Cavitation  Mixer is flanged into the pipework, the water is made to cavitate and spin at high speed which helps to kill parasites. The Cavitation  Mixer also helps to drop the electrical charge of the water, this causes flocculation of solids and increases the redox oxidation potential at the same time; the water is becoming self sterilizing. Cavitation  Mixer neutralizes the electrical charge on dissolved chemicals and small particles to make some positive and some negatively charged particles.

It cavitates the water and increases the oxidation potential by over 100 mv with no addition of chemicals. The cavitation perfectly homogenizes the dosed chemical into the water. CM neutralizes the electrical charge on the dissolved chemical & colloids, and therefore enhances the coagulation / flocculation process.

The water molecules are pulled apart by the cavitation reactions which creates nano-bubbles. These help disinfecting the water. The greater the pressure differential across a Cavitation  Mixer, the stronger the cavitation reactions.


Water becomes self-sterilizing

On passage of water through a Cavitation  Mixer, the electrical charge of the water is shifted into a electrical charge potential, this increases redox potential and surface tension which makes it extremely difficult for bacteria to survive in the water, yet there are no chemicals in the water. The system has changed the way the water molecules relate to each other, also referred to as the hydrogen bonding liquid crystal phase.



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